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Summary: A doctor moves his wife and daughter to a small rural town in hopes of spending more time together. He soon learns the town is hiding a dark secret. With no escape, what will the doctor do to protect his family?

2014 1hour 40min
Watched this movie on Netflix
I rate this a 2.5 out of 5
Directed by: Colin Theys
Written by: John Doolan (screenplay), Michael Laimo (novel)
Starring: Sean Patrick Thomas, Blanche Baker, Kristen Bush, Athena Grant

What I expected was a town with a secret, which is what I got. I assumed it would be a town of killers that sacrifice newcomers came crashing down. The movie does have a town with a dark secret but I hadn’t predicted it to turn somewhat supernatural. However. the supernatural twist made the movie more enjoyable and a little scarier.

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There are questions and plot holes with no answers. Such as the white-blonde haired woman. They introduce her, make her seem important, then get rid of her. With any horror movie, there is usually a character that flips personalities mid-way, such as the wife in this movie. No ending spoiler, but the wife confused and upset me. Starting as a loving, family oriented woman and changing into a closed-lipped wife with a permanent attitude problem. You’re given hints to an answer but no real explanation. Another mystery is the daughter. The movie opens with you thinking this is a typical family-moves-to-town-and-is-creeped-out-so-they-try-to-escape but it very quickly turns away from a ‘family’ movie. In fact, you hardly see the actual family together.  No matter what negative things I say I’d still recommend this movie to horror seekers. Not the greatest but still not a bad watch.