Summary: A scientist named Tom has developed a machine that can place someone into the subconscious mind of another. A prospective investor wants to use the machine to get confessions from convicts. Tom enters the mind of a convict as a trial run but things to terribly wrong and now Tom is trapped inside the memories of another.

2012 1hr 29min
Seen on Netflix
4.8 out of 5
Directed by: Nir Paniry
Produced by: Gabriel Cowan, John Suits
Starring: Sasha Roiz, Dominic Bogart, Jenny Mollen, Rodney Eastmen, Nick Jamison, Ty Simpkins, Brad Culver, Sara Tomko, Frank Ashmore, Richard Riehle

Powerful movie about the mind. I feel if it had the same sort of special effects as present day movies this movie could be up there with Inception as it dives into the human mind. There’s a component of the plot that feels like something’s missing so I couldn’t give it a perfect rating. The beginning is slow and there are many things that the MC cannot control and thus there are long periods of ‘waiting’ or boring moments. However, I’ve seen this movie more than once and each time I sat there and felt emotionally engaged, wanting to watch till the end. I recommend this movie to those out there who like psychological themes or who liked Inception and Memento.

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Tom invents his machine to help people and at first he protests using it to convict criminals but eventually agrees for the money. I felt the logic and emotions before Tom enters the criminal’s mind was lacking. Things happen too quick and there’s barely any thought process to it. There are many dull moments once Tom is stuck in the criminal’s mind. Even after he finds a way out. The director tried to bring the movie to life by having Tom wait and thus, making the audience ‘wait’ and watch what he sees, making the movie seem slow. The ending picks up more and dots start connecting. That’s when you start to realize the importance of “hypnosis” or “brain washing” as well as how memories aren’t always what we perceive. I wish the ending had gone differently but it’s still a good ending, which ties up the loose ends.