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Summary: Fed up with his boss, Dan Trunkman quits his job to start his own business with Tim McWinters and Mike Pancake, two people burned by the same company as Dan. The three build company, Apex  Select but a year later the company has yet to really take off. Getting a call from Dan’s acquaintance, the three rush off to Europe to the most important deal of their lives. It may start as a normal business trip but soon goes off the rails in every way.

2015 1hr 30min
3 out of 5
Directed by: Ken Scott
Produced by: Arnon Milchan, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Anthony Katagas
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, Sienna Miller, Nick Frost, James Marsden

An old perverted man, a not-so-bright young fellow, and your run-of-the-mill business man trying to provide for his family. These three travel to Europe on a budget for business. What could go wrong? Just about everything. But don’t worry, like in every other movie that starred Vince Vaughn, he can talk his way out of almost any situation. Throw in some random sexual fantasy talk and the humor of Dave Franco and these three have an entertaining journey. I felt Dave Franco’s character was hard to watch at times because of the inteligence level they gave him and Vince Vaughn could let some of those long-uplifting-speeches-moment slide by but overall, it’s a humor filled movie worth watching.

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With this type of movie everyone already knows that the happy ending won’t happen till the end of film. With that knowledge, the plot is what needs to make the movie. There are many scenes that are predictable once you get to know the characters. Vince Vaughn is the optimist that will give lengthy speeches and will do just about anything to close the business deal. The old man, Tom Wilkinson, to talk about his sexual fantasies and Dave Franco as the young buffoon. I found the movie humorous and enjoyable to watch but Franco’s character left me a little speechless. Did they have to make his so dumb? Some characters can pull it off and some can’t. I don’t care for the character he played in this movie but I love his brother, so I’ll give the younger Franco another chance. Honestly, the movie is predictable, with the obvious ending coming into focus.