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Extracted (2012)

Summary: A scientist named Tom has developed a machine that can place someone into the subconscious mind of another. A prospective investor wants to use the machine to get confessions from convicts. Tom enters the mind of a convict as a trial run but things to terribly wrong and now Tom is trapped inside the memories of another.

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

Perfume cover

Summary: Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was abandoned at birth and raised in an orphanage. As he grew he learned of his unique gift, a superhuman sense of smell. Infatuated with odors, he learns the techniques to make perfume. While learning Grenouille becomes obsessed with the scent of a woman. Thus begins his journey to capture the essence of a woman in a bottle.

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Time Lapse (2014)

time lapse poster

Summary: Three friends living together discover a strange machine in their next door neighbor’s house. Upon inspection they discover that the machine takes photos of their living room but the polaroid’s that come out are for 24hours into the future. With a way to tell the future, what will these kids do now?

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