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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

Summary: Dodge and his wife Linda listen to a radio announcement broadcasting that the mission to stop an asteroid has failed and the end of the world will come in three weeks. Linda abandons Dodge and he goes about his daily routine. One night, he reminisces about his High School sweetheart, Olivia. That same night he meets his neighbor, Penny. They embark on a mission: he will reunite with Olivia and she will fly to see her family. What kinds of adventures will these two mismatched people have?

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Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)

Finding Mr Destiny Cover

Summary:  Ji-woo is the oldest daughter and still single. Her father , as a desperate last act, sends Ji-Woo to an agency of love. The agency is supposed to help you find your first love. There they meet Gi-Joon, the head of the agency who vows to help her (mostly because she is his first client). Now these two badly  paired people are on a journey to find Ji-woos’ first love. The only clues, his name is Kim Jong-wook and that they shared some time together on a trip to a different country years ago.

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Upside Down (2012)

Summary: Adam and Eden are from the same planet but different worlds, literally. In this universe there is a planet that has two sets of gravity. The “below” is on the ground and is filled with poor people. While the “top” has the opposite gravity and is filled with the rich and prosper. Adam from below is playing in the woods and while standing on a rock ledge, he is near enough to see someone on the other side. Eden and Adam meet here in secret for years, coming together by a single rope. However, their union is not prohibited and they are separated. Years later Adam has the chance to see Eden again.

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