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Science Fiction

Time Lapse (2014)

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Summary: Three friends living together discover a strange machine in their next door neighbor’s house. Upon inspection they discover that the machine takes photos of their living room but the polaroid’s that come out are for 24hours into the future. With a way to tell the future, what will these kids do now?

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Come Back to Me (2014)

Summary: Sarah was in a car accident and now suffers from blackouts and terrifying nightmares. She’s trying to get back to her normal life with her husband and working on her thesis paper, a new neighbor moves in across the street. Things keep messing with her head and she feels she’s going crazy. Taking the advice from her sister,  Sarah installs a camera to see what happens during her blackouts. When she watches the video she cannot believe the secrets it reveals.

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After The Dark

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Summary: In an international school, Philosophy teacher Mr. Zimit, presents his class of twenty with an experiment on their last day; Will the class survive if there was an apocalyptic disaster? To start, each student randomly chooses a career from a box. There is a bunker in which ten people can live in for the next year but they have to choose who gets to survive. Can the students successfully choose the right survivors?


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