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Deep in the Darkness (2014)

deep in the darkness poster

Summary: A doctor moves his wife and daughter to a small rural town in hopes of spending more time together. He soon learns the town is hiding a dark secret. With no escape, what will the doctor do to protect his family?

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The Hole (2009)

The Hole 2009 - Poster

Summary: Dane, Lucas, and their mom, Susan, moved into a new house. And like with every new house, there is a dark secret. The two boys become friends with the girl next door, Julie and together they find a “hole” in their basement. It’s sealed off and protected with several padlocks. Mysteriously, the locks come off and they begin their investigation of the hole. What horrors will this guarded, bottomless, hole await the three?

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Blood Shed (2014)

bloodshed cover
Summary: Where do homeless people go when they have no where else to go? Storage sheds. However, this storage facility is haunted with a terrible secret. Will these people make it till the morning with their lives?

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