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Extracted (2012)

Summary: A scientist named Tom has developed a machine that can place someone into the subconscious mind of another. A prospective investor wants to use the machine to get confessions from convicts. Tom enters the mind of a convict as a trial run but things to terribly wrong and now Tom is trapped inside the memories of another.

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Come Back to Me (2014)

Summary: Sarah was in a car accident and now suffers from blackouts and terrifying nightmares. She’s trying to get back to her normal life with her husband and working on her thesis paper, a new neighbor moves in across the street. Things keep messing with her head and she feels she’s going crazy. Taking the advice from her sister,  Sarah installs a camera to see what happens during her blackouts. When she watches the video she cannot believe the secrets it reveals.

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The Hole (2009)

The Hole 2009 - Poster

Summary: Dane, Lucas, and their mom, Susan, moved into a new house. And like with every new house, there is a dark secret. The two boys become friends with the girl next door, Julie and together they find a “hole” in their basement. It’s sealed off and protected with several padlocks. Mysteriously, the locks come off and they begin their investigation of the hole. What horrors will this guarded, bottomless, hole await the three?

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